Welcome to our training year together!

Starting from Scratch

12/1  Core Wellness: Authentic Connection Pillar

~Connect Pillar Overview

~Your Unique Song and Anchored Quiet

~Soul Care: Masks of Fear

~Nurturing Your Inner Circle

~Intimacy and Expectations

~Navigating Difficult Seasons with People We Love

12/1  Core Wellness: Aligned Living Pillar

~ Align Pillar Overview

~ Purposes and Fruits

~ Living From Your True Strengths

~ Priorities, Boundaries & Energy Drains

~ Sacred Schedules

12/8  Breathe Week

12/15 ~ Advanced Wellness: Barriers Into Bridges

12/17 ~ Final Project Proposal Due

12/22 ~ Advanced Wellness: Science of Happiness

12/29 ~ Connect and Align Teacher’s Guide Release

1/5 ~ Final Project Support Week

1/12 ~ Business Building: Launch Strategies

1/19 ~ Business Building: Right Pricing

1/26 ~ Business Building: Healthy Growth Assessment

2/28 ~ Final Project Evidence of Completion Due