Screencast Videos for Online Business Tools

Avada Theme for WordPress Websites

If you use WordPress to build your website, you will have the option to choose a Theme. There are thousands of theme options for WordPress websites, and they vary based on different design options and functions.

I currently use the Avada theme option for my sites. This video demonstrates the special options available when using this theme in terms of page layout and design.

Protected Webpages for Paid Courses

When you run an online course you will want to consider ways to protect the content (ie protect which webpages people can view) so that only paid members can view it. This video shows how I protect my content as well as some beginner ideas and options to protect member content as well.

  • The process I use to protect my course pages integrates with my email provider system, Ontraport.
  • Recording Audio Interviews,

  • Leading and Recording Live Coaching and Q+A Group Calls

  • Hosting Live Webinars (Slideshow Only, No Live Video)

Recording interviews is a popular way to bring new ideas to your community and partner with other colleagues in our field. There are many ways to record an audio interview – but in this video I share the program I use to record most of my interviews (as well as host coaching calls, group Q+A calls, and give live webinars using slides). I utilize a service called InstantTeleseminar.

  • Pre-recording Video Classes with Slideshows

  • Desktop / Screenshot Videos

This screencast shows how I record the video/slide classes that are part of the Certification Program’s core wellness track. I utilize a screen-recording software (the same that I use to record these demonstration videos) which records my desktop and allows me to record slideshow classes. I use Screenflow software.

Recording and Editing Audio files (audio classes, meditation tracks, podcast episodes, ect)

For audio recordings (which I use for pre-recorded audio classes, meditations, or podcast episodes) I use the Mac software, Garageband. In this video I show you how I record and edit the audio files.

Uploading Audio Files to a WordPress Webpage

When I upload audio files to my website pages they display as an audio player allowing my community to play, pause or skip around. This video shows how I upload the audio files to my webpages.